Bridging the Gap Between SharePoint and Teams

“I don’t remember where that file is.” 

“They said that all of the project details are in last week’s conversation. But which conversation?!” 

“There are dozens of SharePoint sites with the same names. This is crazy.” 

These are real quotes from real(-ly frustrated) employees that love collaboration but don’t love collaboration tools. Here’s why: When employees are forced to juggle multiple collaboration tools (incl. SharePoint and Teams), it becomes harder to keep track of exactly where important conversations and files live.  

This may not seem like a big issue at first, but put it in more context: When frustrated, these employees get less work done which, in turn, means less operational efficiency and less revenue for your company. Does it still seem like a small issue?  

One For All and All-In-One 

The solution is to consolidate several collaboration tools into one. The easiest way to do this is with ExpresDUO. 

With ExpresDUO, organizations bring essential Viva Connections and SharePoint sites, data, collaborative capabilities, and workflows directly to Teams. 

With just a few clicks, any organization can convert their SharePoint sites, data, and workflows into custom Teams apps. The robust customization and branding options result in a more immersive and productive Teams experience for all employees.  

ExpresDUO subscriptions are broken down into three tiers: 

Basic – FREE FOR ONE YEAR Users get to experience ExpresDUO’s deep SharePoint integration through one custom app in Teams. 

Standard – In addition to the deep SharePoint integration in Teams, ExpresDUO Standard gives users access to custom navigation, news, files, sites, and custom branding options. Standard also includes guided and expert mode app creation, an App Center to manage and reuse apps, plus the ability to build both SharePoint and Viva Connections apps. 

Pro – The right choice for organizations that want to easily create custom digital workplace environments. Customize once and reuse digital workplace templates for any department, project, or team. ExpresDUO Pro makes it possible for organizations to maximize their investment in SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft 365 while building a custom intranet at a fraction of the cost.  

No coding – No hassle 

ExpresDUO cuts traditional app building costs by as much as 70%, saving businesses both time and resources. Businesses can expect increased productivity and seamless collaboration across their organization’s departments and workgroups. 

Asked why this is so important, Roland Icard, founder of Simply iCard, says, “Employees want to feel connected to where they work and that they have a seat at the table. Employees are more engaged and productive when they’re kept in the loop on company news and updates, rather than being isolated and siloed. ExpresDUO helps organizations bridge those gaps. More importantly, with the Pro Edition, organizations finally have a digital workplace solution that combines the power of SharePoint, Teams, and Viva Connections without breaking their budget. ” 

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