Sync and Swim – How a Unified Employee Engagement Platform Transformed This Busy Call Center

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is true for us at Simply iCard. As a consulting and development company with a small remote team, communication errors can be costly. If our team’s not in sync, our projects will sink. It’s really that simple.  

We tried to find a solution that bridged the gaps of jumping back and forth between Viva Connections, SharePoint, and Teams. The reality was we simply couldn’t find one. So we built our own: ExpresDUO. 

ExpresDUO is a code-free app builder designed to extend the reach of Viva Connections beyond the intranet, allowing users to bring their business-critical SharePoint sites, data, and workflows to Teams. It does this by making it simple for companies to deploy their very own line of custom business apps and internal processes in Teams.  

Does It Work? Like a Charm 

While ExpresDUO was in development, a client came to us needing a modern intranet solution that would mitigate their call center setbacks. This particular client manages several brands under one umbrella. Its customer support staff was perpetually overwhelmed with a backlog of returns, questions, replacement requests, etc. The support staff simply couldn’t keep up with all of it. The result was lower customer satisfaction, bruised brand trust, and frustrated employees.  

Our solution was to build the client a unified employee engagement platform using ExpresDUO. This gave the support staff a simplified way to exchange best practices, share important files, and answer each other’s questions. The call center transformed from a group of frustrated individuals with siloed knowledge to a team empowered with a single source of truth.  

The speed at which customer requests were answered went from a backlog of three months to several days, and, ultimately, a few hours. Access to readily available resources resulted in better workload management and resource allocation. As a result, customer satisfaction jumped by over 30%. But the best part of all was that the previously frustrated support staff was now engaged in their work and collaboration was now part of their DNA.  

Tiers of Joy 

Users of ExpresDUO can choose from one of three subscription tiers: 



Experience ExpresDUO’s deep SharePoint integration through one custom app in Teams.  


In addition to the deep SharePoint integration in Teams, ExpresDUO Standard users get access to custom navigation, news, files, sites, and custom branding options. Includes guided and expert mode app creation, an App Center to manage and reuse apps, plus the ability to build both SharePoint and Viva Connections apps.  


The right choice for organizations that want to easily create custom digital workplace environments. Customize once and reuse digital workplace templates for any department, project, or team. ExpresDUO Pro helps organizations maximize their investment in SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft 365 while building digital workplace sites at a fraction of the cost. 

Empowering Up 

What truly makes a company successful boils down to one thing: empowering individual employees. That’s why ExpresDUO was designed to empower all users, from department leads to support teams. By removing the need to code, ExpresDUO lets anyone build important workplace solutions and be truly involved in the organization. 

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