Enable Seamless Migration with Modern Cloud Applications

Discover the Power of Microsoft Cloud Applications for seamless collaboration and explosive productivity gains.

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Unleash the Scale and Revenue Potential of the Cloud

Unleash the Scale and Revenue Potential of the Cloud

Our fast-evolving digital workplace is driving cloud transformation. Partnering with Simply iCard grows your cloud presence efficiently with Microsoft custom applications. Plus, you can rely on our enterprise cloud backup solutions to protect the integrity of your data. Whatever your needsplanning, assessment, application development, data migration and adoptionwe’re on your team


Our Microsoft cloud solution services accelerate your migration journey and open up unrivaled productivity and security resources.


Simply iCard professionals help streamline every stage of your migration. We free up your own IT team to focus on their core occupations.

Migrate SharePoint—and much more

Simply iCard’s cloud migration professionals are there when you need them most to support availability of critical business functions. 

Increase productivity and agility

Microsoft cloud solutions support peak performance: access all your apps conveniently from one place. 

Identify room for improvement

Simply iCard professionals optimize your day-to-day procedures to enhance your productivity and performance with Microsoft cloud solutions.

Migrate Your Microsoft Cloud Applications and Data

Simply iCard’s experts accompany and speed your cloud migration journey securely and cost-effectively

Reduce risk

Simply iCard identifies and resolves areas of risk that can impact critical business functions.


We provide a timely, cost-efficient path to the cloud while maintaining employee productivity and a positive user experience.

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