Strengthen Workplace Security

Protect your organization and your employees against cyber threats.

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Let Us Fortify Your Data

Let Us Fortify Your Data

Cyber threats can be sneaky and devastating. So, don’t leave the safety of your organization’s data to basic safeguards. Our Microsoft 365 Security Consulting services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your business remains protected from ever-evolving cyber threats. 

Trust The Zero Trust Model

The last thing your business needs is to wake up to your data locked and ransomed for millions of dollars. A Zero Trust model assumes that all users and devices attempting to access company resources, even those inside the network, cannot be trusted.  

Let Simply iCard implement a set of “never trust, always verify” safeguards including: 

Keep Data Secure

Data is one of the most important commodities online. Securing your data is about protecting your business and your employees.

Strengthen Device Security

Safeguard all of your devices through data layer protection, Sentinel for Microsoft Defender, and Intune for endpoint management.

Custom Security Strategies

Your business is unique and requires unique strategies that meet your needs. All of our services are customized to you.

Verify Access & Identities

Manage user identities effectively with multi-factor authentication, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring for any anomalies or malicious activities is critical. Product Information Management (PIM) requires approval for on-demand access to data.

Workplace Security Services starts with safeguarding your data, devices, and staff.
Safeguarding starts with Simply iCard.

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