Governance Analytics, Monitoring, and Automation

In an era where data breaches are frequent and regulatory compliance is tightening, robust governance in the Microsoft 365 environment isn’t just a recommendation—it’s crucial. It allows you to protect sensitive information, maintain customer trust, and ensure your entire operation runs seamlessly. 

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Advanced Governance Done Simply

Advanced Governance Done Simply

M365’s collaboration tools like SharePoint, Teams, PowerPlatform, OneDrive, Planner and other apps connect end-users to the resources they need to do their jobs efficiently. But when those same resources get cluttered, they become sources of frustration and productivity sinks like a rock.    

The solution is to design a set of custom governance policies that leaves your environment organized and optimized. 

Maintain compliance & declutter your M365 Environment

To optimize the performance of Microsoft 365, the initial step involves conducting a comprehensive Health Check followed by the establishment of a governance blueprint. This blueprint ensures the fortification of assets and resources, while simultaneously enhancing user experiences, reducing expenditures, and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. 

But what if governance was not just effective, but also effortless? Enter gBreeze – a solution from Simply iCard that takes charge of your entire governance administrative process, freeing up your IT personnel to focus on more critical endeavors. With our gBreeze product and service you will receive: 

Tailored Governance Plans

Advanced Dashboards & Detailed Reports

Automated Responses

Targeted Cost Savings

Continuous Monitoring

M365 Governance Experts

When you partner with Simply iCard, you get the following services to enhance your governance initiatives:

A deep-dive assessment of your digital work environment

Identify permissions and security flaws putting you at risk, plus discover redundant files for archiving or deletion.

Customized policies and templates for SharePoint and Teams

Everything for your new environment is designed specifically to meet your unique requirements.

Continued monitoring

Platform monitoring delivers up-to-date reports on inventories, security checks, and cost-saving insights.

Full service

From design to implementation and dedicated support, our expert consultants put your custom governance plan into action.

Ongoing Monitoring and Protection

Continued monitoring provides up-to-date reports, inventories, security checks, and consolidated dashboards.

Identity and Access Management

Protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources based on user risk.

Information Protection

Protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels

Threat Protection

Secure and protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked

Security Management

Gain visibility and control

Cut back your M365 Spending

Monitor end-user activity, discover violations of best practices and policies, and automate solutions all from a central portal that provides a complete overview of your M365 environment.

Start Saving

From unused licenses to storage limit thresholds, gBreeze offers ongoing cost-saving potential.

Run Clear Cost Reports

Get clear cost-saving reports that can reduce your M365 Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Automate Cost Reduction

Automate reports and other intelligent workflows to generate long-term savings.

Clean, Efficient, and Secure

Just imagine an M365 environment without clutter, security issues, or user frustration. A refreshed or even all-new digital workspace that empowers your users with a sense of organization and efficiency. That’s what you’ll get with gBreeze.  

From helping assess your digital workspace all the way through implementation and support, our experts have only one goal: to make governance a gBreeze.

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