Mix equal parts SharePoint and Teams – A recipe for success

Collaboration tools are the utensils of the workplace. SharePoint and Teams, for example, each bring unique features to the table. One provides a central location for all files and news relevant to a specific team or task. The other provides a way to engage with co-workers in real-time, whether it’s exchanging knowledge or sharing memes.  

The trouble boils over when your employees are forced to toggle back and forth between various workspaces and tools in order to collaborate with their team.  

Now, you may not think it’s a big deal, but tracking down lost conversations and searching for misplaced files creates frustrated employees who then become less efficient—which ultimately means less revenue.  

The solution? Combine your collaboration tools into one. Think about it. There’s a reason store shelves are stocked with all-in-one gadgets and time-saving solutions. People prefer to get more done with less and your employees are no different.  

So, how can SharePoint and Teams be combined for better collaboration and efficiency?  

The secret ingredient is ExpresDUO. 

Designed for M365 users, ExpresDUO lets your employees build custom-branded workspaces and integrate SharePoint sites into Teams for a tailor-made experience across all departments. 

The benefits of bringing SharePoint business workflows, data, and insights to Teams are many but include: 

  • Increased employee engagement  
  • Increased productivity   
  • More information sharing and fewer knowledge silos  
  • Projects and tasks can be assigned and tracked more readily 
  • Real-time communication from anywhere 

With less time spent toggling back and forth between workspaces trying to locate buried files and lost discussions, employees gain more time to collaborate which ultimately leads to increased profits for your company.  

SharePoint and Teams are a lot like spoons and forks. Each is useful on its own but when combined into a spork, you get the benefits of each with fewer utensils.  

Learn more about the spork, check out ExpresDUO here: https://expresduo.com/products/ 

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